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“The reason why we chose the Aurora breast MRI system is very clear. The sort of add-on systems that you won’t see across the country, try to apply sequences and hardware that are used for other parts of the body but from the ground up, the Aurora system, is built just to identify breast cancer. ”

Dr. Robin Shermis, Teledo, OH

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“I love the Aurora insurgical planning because my whole objective as an oncoplastic surgeon is to make sure I take care of the cancer but also to make things look good. Actually look as best as they can. Sometimes a lot better than when we started, but in order to do that, you really have to have superb imaging and you really need to know where the cancer is so that you don’t put the patient at risk of a cancer recurrence, but yet you save as much as you can of the surrounding skin, that way you get a much better much more natural-looking breast after you reconstruct it. So I love it, I use it on all my patients preoperatively and it really helps me get a much better customatic outcome.”

Dr. Gail Lebovic, Mckinney, TX  

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“The benefits of biopsy system The Aurora is integrated into the system so that it allows you to access the small lesions such you are able to target; in addition to that, most is automated which allows for easy access to these lesions also as well as they shorten biopsy time length.”

Dr. Elizabeth Jekot, Richardson, TX  

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“What I am most excited about the Aurora MRI System is the ability that it has to have a double substraction technique where you can substract out non-enhancing breast tissue as well as fluid, and other systems do not have that ability. They can do just regular substraction, but they don't have the ability to subtract out water. So lot of times, if there’s an intraductal lesions surrounded by water, you are not gonna be able to see that without the double substraction technique, and that's very critical for intraductal lesions such as DCIS or papillomas.”

Dr. Jennifer Engles, McKinney, TX 

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“Breast MRI is essential in the evaluation of high risk patients. You can see breast cancer far earlier than any other type. There’s statistics that show that mammography and ultrasound will only pick up about a 1/3 of the actual breast cancers that are present in these patients. It’s all I want the best for my patients, and that’s why we use the Aurora for them.”

Dr. Rebecca Stough, Oklahoma City, OK 

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“SpiralRODEO takes breast MRI imaging to a new level, that we’ve never been to before. It’s like Star Wars. And we’re getting very thinner slices, high contrast, denoised, and makes for a much better image, being able to see out of the abnormality so much better, than with a general body MRI unit that’s adapted to dual breast MRI.”  

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski, Knoxville, TN  

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