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Aurora Healthcare US Corp is committed to providing continuing medical education (CME) programs and other valuable educational programs and services for healthcare professionals.



SPIRAL: Breakthrough Technology for Breast Imaging
Past breast MRI protocols have encountered a trade-off – better resolution has required a sacrifice in temporal resolution. Now, because of Spiral’s improved acquisition efficiency, resolution is dramatically increased along with a significant decrease in scan time for better dynamics.

The result of this new breakthrough is image quality far superior in clarity and contrast than ever before possible — actually offering signal improvement comparable with that of 4.5 Tesla – at a significantly less cost!

The Next Generation in MRI-Directed Breast Intervention

Join Dr. Steven Harms and Aurora Imaging Technology for an online symposium discussing the advantages of dedicated breast MRI systems. Dedicated breast MRI systems can provide several key advantages for both staff and patients, including:


•   Increased comfort for the patient

•   Easier intervention and access to the breast

•   Uniform breast stabilization

•   Integrated imaging and lesion targeting

•   Variable needle trajectory and more accurate needle placement •   Ability to sample multiple targets in the

    same session

AuroraCAD™: Enhanced breast MRI image processing workflow
Because of the large amount of data and clinical images produced from breast MRI studies, a truly integrated and effective CAD system is a critical tool for the breast radiologist. AuroraCAD also presents simultaneous axial, sagittal and coronal views of any acquisition or post-processed image set using multi-planar reconstruction. The AuroraCAD allows for side-by-side comparison of pre-and post-contrast images, subtractions, 3D projection images, enhancement curves and more.

Aurora’s user-friendly, DICOM-compatible AuroraCAD software provides the ultimate in efficiency for the physician and the technologist, which improves workflow and maximizes patient throughput.


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