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Your Exam

Your doctor has referred you for a breast MRI exam using the Aurora®1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System. The Aurora System is the only commercially available, FDA cleared MRI system designed specifically for 3-D bilateral breast imaging. Its unique technology provides high quality images that assist your physician in making the most accurate diagnosis.


This system is intended exclusively for breast imaging, designed for a woman's comfort. The Aurora System has a uniquely contoured examination table where you lay face down, with both breasts suspended away from the chest, without compression.


Additionally, you enter the Aurora System feet first, thus the feeling of claustrophobia is greatly reduced.


Why do physicians recommend breast MRI?


MRI (especially dedicated breast MRI) is an ideal instrument for :


  • Monitoring of high-risk patients

  • Surgical planning

  • Staging of breast cancer and treatment planning

  • Post-surgery and post-radiation follow-up

  • Evaluating dense breast tissue

  • Evaluating breast implant integrity and detecting cancer in women with breast augmentation


What should you expect during your examination?


The Aurora System is designed specifically for your comfort. As you learned earlier, you will lie on your stomach with your breasts placed through the openings of the contoured examination table. Unlike mammography, your breasts are not compressed. Your breasts will suspend away from your chest, therefore you should feel no discomfort. You will enter into the machine feet first, virtually eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia. An initial scan is taken.


Next you will receive a temporary IV of a contrast enhancement agent, gadolinium. This agent is administered to help highlight various structures in the breast tissue. Following the IV, approximately ten minutes of scanning will occur.


For best results, you should lie very still, relax and breathe normally. That’s it. The total exam lasts 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish, and you will be able to communicate with the technologist at all times. You can also listen to a CD of your choosing.


What preparation is necessary?


There are no special preparations for the MRI. You can eat and drink as you normally would. You can also engage in regular activities and take any prescription medications.


Simply arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will be asked to change into a gown and remove all metallic objects – such as jewelry, glasses, hairpins and removable dentures – since anything that contains metal may distort MRI signals.


Please be sure to inform the technologist if you have any metal implants, cardiac pacemaker or other metal objects.


The technologist will have a complete checklist of items that must be removed.


What happens after the exam?


There are no side effects with MRI. You can continue your normal activities as soon as the exam is over. Your breast MRI images will be interpreted by the radiologist and a report will be sent to your physician. We hope this information is helpful in briefly describing your exam. It is our goal to make your experience with breast MRI a beneficial one.

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