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Danvers, November 21, 2018

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), Aurora Healthcare US Corporation (Aurora) and Shanghai Changjiang Technology Development
Corporation, Ltd (SCTDC) Agreed to Enter into
Significant Collaboration on Global Healthcare Delivery

The information technology and technological advancements are transforming the global
health care ways and means. Standing on this underpinning, three major entities, UNNC, Aurora
and SCTC, each with deep connections to United Kingdom, United States and China,
respectively, signed an MOU collaborate on global healthcare delivery. on the day where UNNC
launched on its campus the “Nottingham China Health Institute”.

The three parties agree to cooperate in the following areas of activity focused on primary care
and cancer screening:


  1. Collaborate on the cutting-edge research;

  2. Jointly develop the training courses for clinical and technical members;

  3. Promote the international talent exchange.

“As a company dedicated to women’s health, we are truly excited to have the opportunity to
enter into this collaboration with both UNNC and SCTDC,” said Ms. Olivia Ho Cheng, CEO of
Aurora. “As China is growing in many dimensions rapidly, one of the collateral consequences is
that breast cancer is becoming a major health challenge for Chinese women in the 21 st century.
It is my earnest hope that with this collaboration, bringing in the information and technological
strengths of United States, United Kingdom and China, we could vastly engage in China a
nationwide breast cancer screening to meet this challenge.”

Dr. Da Hsuan Feng, who is both a Senior Advisor of Aurora and a member of UNNC Academic
Council, echoed the enthusiasm of Ms. Cheng. He said that “There is no question that since its

founding in 2004, UNNC has not only become an important academic institution producing
enlightening students to face humanity challenges in the 21 st century, it is also becoming a
major and strong bridge between United Kingdom and China.” Dr. Feng further elaborated that
“As someone who represents both Aurora and UNNC, I feel truly gratified to play a role in this
collaboration which can be considered as an attempt of bringing modern healthcare to

According to Dr. Chris Rudd, Provost of UNNC and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of
Nottingham, “I am excited and fully support this collaboration. I am especially excited to note
that Aurora’s technology, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), was invented by one of our
distinguish colleagues in the University of Nottingham, Sir Peter Mansfield. Because of this
work, he was the co-winner of the 2003 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. I am very
confident that with this collaboration, its consequence is not only to introduce modern health
care in Ningbo, China at large, but to humanity in generally. This certainly fulfils one of the
missions of UNNC!”

Liu Jingwei, an information technology expert who has studied primary health care for more
than 10 years, director of HealthCare Transformation Innovation Center of SCTDC, said: "This

cooperation is not only exploring the application of new technologies of MRI and AI, but also
innovate a new model of primary health care service to achieve both high quality and low cost
by applying technology innovation. It is of great significance to help China and other developing
countries to explore new ways to effectively strengthen primary health care. "
UNNC in Ningbo, China, is an overseas campus of one of the top British universities, the
University of Nottingham. With the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, it is the first
China – Foreign university to operate in China since 2004. Having nearly 8000 undergraduate
and graduate students in a plethora of disciplines, is today a fully English language Chinese
comprehensive university.

Aurora is based in Danvers, Massachusetts, is the leading corporation committed to fight
against breast cancer through advanced technology in imaging and data science. Since 2009,
Aurora has successfully rolled out the dedicated breast MRI mobile service in the United States,
and soon will be in China as well.

SCTDC is the only entity of China Electronic Technology Cooperation (CETC) Group which
focuses on healthcare business. It focuses on primary care transformation and led the first
Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) pilot implementation in China.

For more information of the above entities, please visit their websites and key contacts of the

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