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An-Li Shi, Professor

Chairman, China Rehabilitation Society of CACA
Executive Chairman, Beijing Love Book Cancer Foundation
Vice General Secretary, China Cancer Foundation

Professor Anli Shi has a lifetime dedication in China’s healthcare.  She led many key non-for-profit organizations such as:

1. Chairman of China Rehabilitation Society of Cancer China Anti-Cancer   Association(CACA), 

2. Executive Chairman of Beijing Love Book Cancer Foundation, 

3. Vice General Secretary for China Cancer Foundation, 

​4. Director of PAP Office which cooperates with world renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson,… etc. 

5. Chairman of 18th Reach to Recovery, International Breast Cancer Support Conference in 2015, 

6. Adviser on International Cooperative projects of Health Manpower Exchange Center, MOH.

Prior to this, Prof. Shi held many key government positions including the following: 

Director for Health Standard Management and Chief for Division of Planning, China Ministry of Health (CMH)

1. Director of Division of International Exchange, CMH.

2. Vice-Director of Department of Medical Science-Technology and Education, CMH

3. Secretary General of 4th National Health Standard Technical Committee, 

4. Board Member of Council of China Smoking and Health Association from 1976 to 2007. 

Prof. Shi completed her medical education from Beijing Medical University and her Master degree from WHO’s Health Development in University of Leuven in Belgium.

An-Li Shi, Professor
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