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Olivia Ho Cheng


Aurora Heathcare

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Xifeng Chen


Yihecheng Group Co., Ltd. 

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Scott Yue-Yeh Lin

Co-founder and President

MIC Group

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Ken Cheng, Ph.D.


Aurora Healthcare 

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Liang Chuan

(Jennifer) Chen 


St. Mary’s Hospital at

Taitung, Taiwan

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Chinyuan Chen Chairman

Sum Capital Partners

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Steve James, CPA


Aurora Healthcare 

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Yu-Feng Wei, Ph.D.

Interim Chief Data Scientist


Vizuro LLC 

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Yiming Pai

Director of Engineering and Service

Asia Division Aurora Healthcare

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​Yiming Pai,Director of Engineering and Service, Asia Division, Aurora Healthcare

Mr. Pai has an M.S. degree in Automatic Control Engineering from Feng Chia University (Taiwan) and has more than 10 years of experience in MRI system Integration and service.  Mr. Pai joined the Company in 2007 as an engineer and rose to the Director of Engineering for the Asia Division in 2009.  During his tenure with the Company, Mr. Pai participated in R&D activities including developing the information system for remote diagnosis. He also led the System Service Division in Asia and was responsible for all the installations in Asia including Taiwan, China and Vietnam.

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Lanny Zhang, Vice President - Asia Business Development  Aurora Healthcare 


Lanny Zhang had over 23 years’ experience in managing service and marketing departments in China for multi-national companies including Dell Computer, Philips, Siemens and Aurora. 


Prior to joining Aurora, Lanny worked for Siemens Medical China for 9 years where he served as a Service Manager to manage Siemens’ in-house field service engineers and as a Manager of Service Partner Management where he managed third party service companies working for Siemens Medical China.  He held the similar position at Philips Medical China for 3 years

before moving to Siemens to oversee a larger territory.  

Before joining Siemens Medical, Mr. Zhang worked for Dell Service Provider (DSP) for 5 years as its Operations Manager and Vice General Manager at Xiamen Temao Corporation, a state-owned trading company. 


Lanny earned his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Xiamen University.  He also attended Special MBA Program for Executives of trading companies sponsored by China Minister of National  Foreign Trading Colleague.

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Steve James, CPA . CFO of Aurora Healthcare


Mr. James has served as Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer since 2003 and joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in 1999. From 1997 to 1999, Mr. James was Chief Financial and Accounting Officer of Caprius, Inc, a NASDAQ listed company. From 1993 to 1997, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Medical Diagnostics, Inc. (“MDI”) after joining that company as its Controller in 1988. Mr. James has served as CFO for both public and private companies. 


Mr. James is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs. And he received his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Accounting from Bentley College. 

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Aiping Jiang, Ph.D., Chief MRI Physicist, Aurora Healthcare

Dr. Jiang has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and has more than 20 years experience in MRI research and industry with In-depth knowledge and experience in MR physics and MR imaging system development. Since joining Aurora Imaging Technology in 2005, Dr. Jiang has been heavily involved in breast MRI pulse sequence development, image reconstruction and engineering management as its Senior MR Physicist, Director of Engineering and Chief MRI Physicist.

Prior to Aurora, Dr. Jiang worked as a senior MRI scientist for Advanced NMR System and ONI Medical Systems, both were globally renowned MRI technology companies in the 80’s and 90’s. They pushed MRI technology development envelope over two decades resulting in greatly advancing of the field. The participation of these developments gave Dr. Jiang opportunities to gain extensive experience in MRI system development. Dr. Jiang has authored and co-authored scientific papers and patents during her professional carrier. 

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Ken Cheng, Ph.D., COO. Aurora Healthcare


Dr. Cheng joined the Company 2004 bringing over 20 years of extensive experience in product development and manufacturing in surgical, imaging systems and devices. From 1983 to 2003, Dr. Cheng worked for Cooper Vision Surgical Systems, American Hospital Supply Corporation, Baxter Edward Labs and Microptices Development Lab in divisions that developed and manufactured systems and devices used in ophthalmic, dental, heart and spine surgical operations.

He has M.S. degrees from UCLA and Cal State Polytech University and Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Engineering from UCLA. 

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Xifeng Chen, Chairman of Yihecheng Group Co., Ltd. 

Mr. Chen is the founder and Chairman of Yihecheng Group Co., Ltd. (YHC) since its establishment in 1992 in Shandong, China. YHC has been engaged in production and sales of glass fiber series products in more than two decades. The company is the only high-tech private company produces series of glass and other related products which were heavily used as building materials for high-rise building and over 10,000 other high-tech products such as aircrafts and electronic devices.  Thanks to China’s fast growth economy, YHC steadily and rapidly grew to become a leading enterprise in the industry in China with 1,000 employees and enjoy market share over 60%.

In 2012, Mr. Chen invested and established Shandong Guyun Yangguang Rock Wool Group Co.,Ltd. (Sunshine RWG).  Sunshine RWG was formed to significantly step up in manufacturing technology by pioneering in using imported cutting-edge equipment to adapt the most advanced global production process.  This important investment and steps elevate YHC to the top position in the industry to produce efficiently the highest grad products with the largest manufacture capacity in China.  

Following Chen family’s tradition in hundred-years long history in dedication to the community, Mr. Chen and his family identified the increasing need of healthcare for the aging society.  Chen family formed a non-for profit entity  - Shenxian Sun Moon Lake home (SSMLH) to team up with St. Martin De Porres Hospital in Chaiyi, Taiwan and St. Mary's Hospital in Taitung, Taiwan to build a long-term senior care facility.  SSMLH’s plan calls for investment of 360 million RMB, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, and a total construction area of 170,000 square meters with capacity to provide long-term care for three thousands elders.   

Chen family continues to practice charity on their daily lives.  They are in total alliance with Aurora’s mission and goals. 

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Michael Chinyuan Chen

Chairman, Sum Capital Partners

Honorary Chairman, Taiwan Capital Investment Trust Corporation

Chairman, Sum Capital Healthcare Investment Company

Board Member, Aurora Healthcare 


Mr. Chen was the Chairman of Taiwan Capital Investment Trust Corporation (CITC) for 18 years.  During his tenure, CITC grew to manage US$ 5 billion assets and is one of 

the top three asset management companies in Asset Under Management (AUM) and Return on Investment (ROI) in Taiwan. The company was the first mutual fund company to obtain Qualified Financial Institution Investor license to invest in China and to issue offshore funds to invest in India, South East Asia and North America.

Before that, Mr. Chen was the CEO of Fidelity Investment in Taiwan. Fidelity is the largest mutual fund company in the world.  Establishment of Fidelity Taiwan offer global investors channel to invest in Taiwan’s high-growth technology industry in the past three decades.  Fidelity Taiwan launched the Taiwan Fund at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:  TWN) in 1986 where Mr. Chen served as the Chief Fund Manager. The Fund allowed global institutional and individual investors to access and participate in the fast growth and high investment return of Taiwan’s economy/stock market.

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Liang Chuan (Jennifer) Chen, President of St. Mary’s Hospital at Taitung, Taiwan

Ms. Chen is the President of St. Mary’s Hospital - Taitung, Taiwan. She has long dedicated herself to courses including: advancing preventive medicine, health promotion, and social welfare. She has been also committed to the generalization of survivors support, greatly initiating the campaign of building up “Breast Cancer Survivors Support Groups” in Taiwan. In 2002, Ms. Chen facilitated the establishment of the “Association of Taiwanese Breast Cancer Patients”, which becomes a significant 

service platform for breast cancer patients and survivors in Taiwan. In 2008, the “Association of Taiwanese Diabetic Patients” was also founded thanks to the joint efforts from the society, which is a major alliance of diabetic patients across Taiwan and serves 495 diabetic patients support groups at present.


Ms. Chen started devoting herself to breast cancer prevention and treatment in Taiwan 30 years ago; she has given speeches and trainings over 1, 000 times throughout Taiwan. Her tireless efforts resulted in raising awareness of the prevention of breast cancer throughout the greater Chinese regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Five years ago, Aurora Breast Center was established in St. Mary's Hospital - Taitung. Thanks to her continuous efforts, a cutting-edge breast MRI system was introduced to the center which is the first in the world in establishment of comprehensive breast center using breast MRI to perform first line screening for the general public and created extraordinary results in high detection rate and significant improvement of breast cancer patients survival rate.

After years of practice, Ms. Chen along with Aurora Healthcare US Corp, established a good model for a comprehensive breast center covering services of education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, patients and survivors supporting group, which was greatly recognized from the society and ready for wider application in China.

Prior to joining St. Mary’s Hospital -Taitung in Taiwan, Ms. Chen served as Executive Director of Catholic Sanipax Socio-Medical Service & Education Foundation (1985-2009), public health instructor at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (1980-1985). Ms. Chen graduated from Department of Nursing at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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Scott Yue-Yeh Lin, Co-founder and President of MIC Group

Mr. Scott Lin is co-founder and president of MIC - Marketech International Corp. (public listed index TW:6196). MIC was established in 1988 to assist top international technology companies in semiconductor, optoelectronics and energy industries to safely and efficiently transfer technology and expand market in Asia.  Under Scott’s leadership, MIC grow rapidly from inception to achieve annual revenue approximate US$ 650 million and successfully listed its stock publicly since 2006. MIC is proud of its extensive world renowned customers list including AMAT, ASE, ASML, AUO, BOE, CSOT, INNOLUX, INTEL, HUA-WEI, MICRON, SMIC, TSMC, UMC, … to name a few.

Prior to founding MIC, Scott worked for 10 years at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a world leading R&D institute with 6000 employees (including nearly 1,000 Ph.Ds). ITRI is known as Taiwan’s “master high-tech incubator”.  Established by Taiwan Department of Technology in 1973, ITRI focused on engaging in applied research and technical services and has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan's economy from a labor-intensive industry to a high-tech industry. Mr. Lin worked as the office manager for ITRI’s USA office in Silicon Valley, California and during his tenure, Mr. Lin supported and helped building up many high-tech companies, some became industry icons.  


Scott is highly respected in the high-tech industry in US and Taiwan which resulting in his serve as Chairman of Chinese Professional Management Association in Hsin-Chu region from 2010 to 2013. Scott is also active in philanthropy and generously supports many charity programs


Mr. Lin obtained his MBA degree from National Chengchi University, Taiwan and bachelor’s degree of Industrial Engineering from Tunghai University, Taiwan.

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Olivia Ho Cheng, CEO of Aurora Healthcare

Olivia has served as CEO of Aurora Healthcare Corp (“Aurora”), a Massachusetts medical technology and global healthcare company for more than 10 years.  Aurora was a spin-off from an MIT research project in the late 1990s when a group of MRI elite engineers committed to finding a solution using MRI technology for better detection of breast cancer which is the most prevalent disease among women.  As the result, Aurora developed the only FDA cleared dedicated MRI system specifically designed for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer. Prior to leading Aurora, Olivia has nearly 20 

years commercial and investment banking experience including being a high ranking Dedicated Authority Lender for Export-Import Bank of the United States and was appointed as one of the members in the White House Export Committee. She was also a co-founder of Pacific Republic Capital, a healthcare fund focused on investment in medical technology companies in the US and served as a board member for Accuray Inc., a NASDAQ listed radiosurgery company and a few other medical technology companies in the US.  Olivia received her Master Degree in Economics from UCLA and Bachelor Degree from Taiwan National Chengchi University. 


Olivia has also been active in serving as a board member of the following world-renowned


  1. Kenneth B. Schwartz Center (“SKC”), a non-profit organization headquartered at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston from 2006-2014;

  2. Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics National Laboratory at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, China since 2008;

  3. Tufts Medical Center (TMC) in Boston from 2008 to 2017. TMC is one of the top ranking medical centers in the United States and the principal teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine;

  4. Tufts University School of Medicine since 2014. TUSM is a leading U.S. medical school, located in Boston. The school does pioneering research and has modern curriculum for teaching medical students and other health care professionals.

  5. U.S. – China Health Summit, an NGO in the state of Massachusetts associated with Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health since 2014.

  6. Virginia University Oriental Medicine since 2014.

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Paul Zhai, President, Shandong Aurora Technology Co., Ltd., Aurora Healthcare 

Paul Zhai joined Aurora in August 2017 as the President of Shandong Aurora Technology Co., Ltd., the subsidiary company of Aurora Healthcare US Corp. in China. Mr. Zhai has more than 30 years work experience in semiconductor, display panel and environment protection industries. 

Prior to joining Aurora Shandong, Paul served seven years as CEO of Perfect International 


Commercial Company, a semiconductor supply chain company, and 16 years in Taiwan’s top Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as manager of equipment engineering department and purchasing department.


Mr. Zhai holds a bachelor of engineering degree of automation engineering from the Feng-Chia University in Taiwan. 

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Yu-Feng Wei, Ph.D., Interim Chief Data Scientist, Founder, Vizuro LLC


Dr. Wei has over 20 years of experience in advanced analytics and predictive modeling, designing solutions ranging from medical imaging, healthcare, life science, genomics, and manufacturing. He is also one of the pioneers in commercializing artificial intelligence, leading dozens of successful deployments in the industry.


Yu-Feng holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT, an M.S. in industrial engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and B.S. in mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University.

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