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Streamlined and easy-to-use AuroraCAD is specifically designed for each step in the imaging process—from image acquisition through computer-aided detection. AuroraCAD, with 3-D registration, helps to compensate for patient motion between data acquisitions, including offsets, rotations and warping of tissue. This contributes to extremely accurate orthogonal and oblique views of lesions for Multi-Planar Reformation (MPR), Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP) and surface-rendering views. AuroraCAD color maps not only display dynamic enhancement curves (washout, plateau, or persistent), but also use the image acquisition information to display edema and fluid (cysts, seromas) on any sequence.

  • The AuroraCAD software facilitates diagnosis by presenting simultaneous axial, sagittal and coronal views of any acquisition or post-processed image set using multi-planar reconstruction.

  • The AuroraCAD allows for side-by-side comparison of pre-and post-contrast images, subtractions, 3-D projection images, enhancement curves and more.

  • The AuroraCAD provides the ultimate efficiency for the physician and the technologist by improving workflow and maximizing patient throughput.

  • The AuroraCAD is DICOM-compatible.


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