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Xi-Feng Chen

Xi-Feng Chen

Mr. Chen is the founder and Chairman of Yihecheng Group Co., Ltd. (YHC) since its establishment in 1992 in Shandong, China. YHC has been engaged in production and sales of glass fiber series products in more than two decades. The company is the only high-tech private company produces series of glass and other related products which were heavily used as building materials for high-rise building and over 10,000 other high-tech products such as aircrafts and electronic devices. Thanks to China’s fast growing economy, YHC steadily and rapidly grew to become a leading enterprise in the industry in China with 1,000 employees and enjoy market share over 60%.


In 2012, Mr. Chen invested and established Shandong Guyun Yangguang Rock Wool Group Co., Ltd. (Sunshine RWG). Sunshine RWG was formed to significantly step up in manufacturing technology by pioneering in using imported cutting-edge equipment to adapt the most advanced global production process. This important investment and steps elevate YHC to the top position in the industry to produce efficiently the highest grade products with the largest manufacture capacity in China.


Following Chen family’s tradition in hundred-years long history in dedication to the community, Mr. Chen and his family identified the increasing need for healthcare for the aging society. Chen family formed a non-for profit entity - Shenxian Sun Moon Lake home (SSMLH) to team up with St. Martin De Porres Hospital in Chiayi, Taiwan and St. Mary's Hospital in Taitung, Taiwan to build a long-term senior care facility. SSMLH’s plan calls for investment of 360 million RMB, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, and a total construction area of 170,000 square meters with capacity to provide long-term care for three thousand elders.


Chen family continues to practice charity in their daily lives. They are in total alliance with Aurora’s mission and goals.

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