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Michael Chin-Yuan Chen

Michael Chin-Yuan Chen

Education: MBA from Cornell University major in Corporate Management


Mr. Chen was the Chairman of Taiwan Capital Investment Trust Corporation (CITC) for 18 years. During his tenure, CITC grew to manage US$ 5 billion assets and is one of the top three asset management companies in Asset Under Management (AUM) and Return on Investment (ROI) in Taiwan. The company was the first mutual fund company to obtain Qualified Financial Institution Investor license to invest in China and to issue offshore funds to invest in India, South East Asia and North America.


Before that, Mr. Chen was the CEO of Fidelity Investment in Taiwan. Fidelity is the largest mutual fund company in the world. Establishment of Fidelity Taiwan offers global investors channel to invest in Taiwan’s high-growth technology industry in the past three decades. Fidelity Taiwan launched the Taiwan Fund at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TWN) in 1986 where Mr. Chen served as the Chief Fund Manager. The Fund allowed global institutional and individual investors to access and participate in the fast growth and high investment return of Taiwan’s economy/stock market.

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