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Jin-Ping Liu

Clinical Director, Oncology Department, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital & Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences
Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China School of Medicine

Dr. Jinping Liu has been a surgeon at Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital (“SPPH”) and Sichuan Academy of Medical Science since 1985 and a dedicated breast surgeon since 1992.  He became Director of Breast Department in 2004 and Director of Oncology Department since 2013. Under Dr. Liu’s leadership, SPPH established the first dedicated breast surgical specialty and implemented multidisciplinary in breast treatment program in Sichuan.  He closely followed the most cutting-edge trends in the world to advance better practice in the Department. He took initiatives to reform breast surgeries from traditional, extended or modified radical mastectomy to lumpectomy with confirmation from sentinel lymph node biopsy.  Dr. Liu also champion in onco-plastic surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, and biological targeted therapy. 

Dr. Liu has also devoted to research aside from his clinical dedication.  His research team established the first breast tumor biological sample tissue bank and built a thorough follow-up system post treatment.  He participated in many multicenter clinical trials internationally and China’s national new drug registration clinical trials. Dr. Liu actively served many other roles in nation-renowned and world-known institutions, such as American ASCO, ATLAS clinical trial collaboration group in UK, executive member at training expert committee of Chinese Medical Association and Breast Professional Committee of China Medical Education Association, to name a few. Dr. Liu finished his bachelor’s degree from Luzhou Medical College (former of Southwest Medical University), and master’s degree at Sichuan University Medical School. He has been a professor at School of Medicine, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China since 2005.

Jin-Ping Liu
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