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U.S.-China Health Summit Co-organized the 4th China Breast Cancer Expert Consultation Seminar

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

On March 8, U.S.-China Health Summit co-organized the 4th China Breast Cancer Expert Consultation Seminar with the Cancer Foundation of China and Liaocheng People's Hospital. 

The President of the U.S.-China Health Summit, Dr. Jing Ma, attended the seminar and joined a panel discussion about diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

At the panel discussion, Dr. Ma tated that although breast cancer ranks the first threat to females, there is a clear difference in the incidence of various countries. "After 2000, the incidence and mortality of breast cancer in the United States are declining, but are still rising in many Asian countries such as China, Japan and even Singapore."

Dr. Ma also addressed that at present, many of China's government-led breast cancer screening programs (including the breast cancer and cervical cancer screening programs for rural women) are relying on mammography as the primary screening method. But no large-scale randomized controlled trials have been conducted in the world to prove that the use of ultrasound for breast cancer screening can effectively reduce breast cancer mortality. "Therefore, in the development of national cancer screening programs, China needs to clarify which European and American countries' screening experience is worth learning from, and what mistakes we should avoid. The data collected from these national cancer screening programs should be able to serve as the evidence for precision medical research and to support national policy recommendations", said Dr. Ma.

During the Consultation Seminar, Liaocheng Center for Breast Health was formally established. The establishment of the center will provide strong support to Liaocheng breast cancer census, public education, breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and other comprehensive functions to the advanced level nationally. The center will also become the base for breast cancer consultation, professional training, and scientific research. President Dr. Jing Ma and Board Member Ms. Olivia Ho. Cheng of the U.S.-China Health Summit attended the opening ceremony.

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