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Oct 12, 2021

Aurora Technology and Healthcare Global Holdings enters the 2nd most populous continent through a collaboration with the Federal Republic of Nigeria to transform breast cancer care in Africa

New York, Abuja, Boston: Representatives of the Nigerian government and Aurora Technology and Healthcare Global Holding Corp. (Aurora) are jointly announcing the signing of a landmark collaboration memorandum to address the issue of the rising impact of breast cancer in Nigeria. This is Aurora’s first engagement in the Africa.

This landmark strategic agreement was signed on September 24th, 2021 and was witnessed by the Nigeria Consul General, the Honorable Nicholas Ella, Esq. at the Nigerian Consulate in New York City. The signees were Olivia Ho Cheng, Dr. Julie Loh and Frank Liu of Aurora, Dr. Ugoji Eze, Esq., an active participant in UN projects, and Mr. Festus Uzoma Mbisiogu, a renowned Nigerian philanthropist and CEO of Shanghai Engineering Works Limited and Chairman of Blue Diamond Group.


Aurora CEO, Ms. Olivia Ho Cheng, stated “Aurora from its inception made the solemn commitment to take on the global challenge of breast cancer. The Africa continent, with a population exceeding 1.2 billion, should not be ignored in this respect. Our team is absolutely elated that such an opportunity was presented to us so that we could advance state-of-the-art breast healthcare in Nigeria and across Africa!”

Breast cancer surpassed lung cancer in 2020 as the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world with 2.3 million newly diagnosed cases and more than 650,000 deaths annually. In Nigeria, breast cancer is becoming the major health problem, representing nearly 25% of all new cancer diagnoses in the country.

The parties at the signing ceremony have agreed to co-develop Breast Cancer Centers of Excellence which will deliver comprehensive, compassionate breast cancer care combined with advanced basic and translational cancer research. Ultimately, the collected partners seek to improve the prognosis of breast cancer patients and enhance women’s health and wellbeing.

For the parties in the tripartite agreement, the introduction of Aurora’s breast-dedicated MRI technology holds great promise to decrease the burden of breast cancer on the women of Nigeria where high-quality breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment is not widely available. The goal of this collaboration will be to build a new platform for breast cancer research, education, clinical application, commercialization and business operations in Nigeria and eventually other countries in Africa.

The Mr. Mbisiogu and Ms. Eze expressed delight that “Aurora’s unique technology and advanced clinical breast care system, when introduced in Nigeria, will alleviate the plight of our women and girls by improving the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.”

Aurora Technology and Healthcare Global Holding was originally formed in early 1990 by a team of elite scientists, clinicians and engineers from MIT and Harvard. By 2000, Aurora had developed and successfully marketed a dedicated Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (BMRI) system that consistently outperforms mammography and even breast imaging performed on “whole-body” MRI machines.

Aurora has successfully commercialized the Aurora system in the US, Europe and Asia as a superior diagnostic modality for breast cancer patients. In recent years, Aurora continues to expand the clinical application of the Aurora system in breast cancer screening throughout the world, while engaging in state-of-the-art research and development in-house and through strategic alliances with top universities in north America and Asia.



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