Oct 14, 2022

Welcome everyone to the THIRD LAUTERBUR LECTURE
Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care in China - Dr. Anli Shi
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Paul Lauterbur of the University of Illinois Urbaba, together with Sir Peter Mansfield of Nottingham University in the United Kingdom won the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine in 2003 with the byline:


“for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging”. 


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is now a commonly used medical facility in nearly any hospital around the globe. A greater – Boston based company known as Aurora Technology and Healthcare Global Corp (AURORA) has expanded its usage to specifically used to detect breast cancer.  As it turns out, the only way to significantly reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer is to detect it as early as possible, even earlier than that!


These series of lectures in honor of Paul Lauterbur, are all by global experts within AURORA.


The first lecture with the title Technological Development of Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Magnetic Resonance was delivered by Dr. Steven Harms, the Chief Technology Officer of Aurora ;


The second lecture with the title From Mammography to MRI: "The Evolution of Breast Cancer Screening" was delivered by Dr. Alan Hollinsworth, the Vice President of Screening Program of Aurora


This is the third!!!

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