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Oct 14, 2022

Welcome everyone to the THIRD LAUTERBUR LECTURE
Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care in China - Dr. Anli Shi
3rd Lauterbur Lecture poster_20221109_ENG.jpg

Among all malignant tumors in women, breast cancer has the highest incidence rate in China.  The National Health Commission has designated the “Two Cancer Screening” campaign as a major public health program for women.


Patient organizations play an important role in the comprehensive care of breast cancer, including:

1) supporting national screening and early diagnosis efforts,

2) promoting breast disease education and awareness,

3) encouraging and mobilizing women at risk to receive screening,

4) providing care for patients and their families in need

5) implementing comprehensive, full-cycle health management.  Our mission is to raise breast cancer awareness, to improve screening strategies, and to provide patient-centered services such that early diagnosis can be achieved, and as a result, improved prognosis and quality of life for breast cancer patients.

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