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Feb 21, 2023

Renowned Healthcare Organization Management Executive Dr. Li Yong Joins Aurora Healthcare US Corp as Its Chief Medical Officer of Chengdu Aurora Breast Clinic

Chengdu, Sichuan China and Ijamsville, Maryland U.S.A. - Ms. Olivia Ho Cheng, founder and CEO of Aurora Healthcare US Corp (“Aurora”) today announced that Dr. Li Yong will join the company in February 2023 as the Chief Medical Officer (“CMO”) of Chengdu Aurora Breast Clinic (“Chengdu ABC”), a fully own center of Aurora in Sichuan, China.

Ms. Cheng said that “Breast cancer is one of the most dreadful threats to women’s health. There are about 1.5 million breast cancer patients in China, and breast cancer is known as the "number one killer" for women. Aurora sets its mission to be an international leader in the fight against breast cancer. Aurora has devoted its efforts in deploying comprehensive breast clinics in China to bring a full range of patient-centered screening, diagnostic, treatment and cancer-survivor care to all women. We are truly honored to have an expert like Dr. Li Yong, who has both clinical and healthcare organization management experiences, to join the Aurora team.

Dr. Li Yong received his MD and MPH degrees from China Third Army Medical University. Prior to joining Aurora, Dr. Li served at Military Region General Hospital (“MRGH”) for over two decades, rising from his initial role as an endocrinologist to an executive management officer.  During his time as the Chief Medical Officer at MRGH, Dr. Li played a major role in developing and executing a strategic establishment alliance to network more than 90 local hospitals to better integrate services for patients. This resulted in MRGH’s gross revenue increasing from 300 million to over 2 billion. Furthermore, MRGH improved greatly in quality and diversity of its clinical services, research capacities and operation efficiency.

Dr. Li also served as Vice President of Sanatong Medical Group and President of Desen Hospital (a privately held chain of kidney hospitals with 8 locations), Medical Director of Chengdu Xinhua Hospital, and President of Military Central Hospital. During his tenure at Military Central Hospital, Dr. Li led the team to expand clinical services resulting in revenue growth of more than 8-fold and elevated its ranking to a 3A hospital (the highest ranking in China).

When asked to comment, Dr. Li responded “I am very grateful to Aurora for this extraordinary opportunity to join an innovative and mission-driven healthcare company to improve women health. I look forward to bringing over 20 years of healthcare organization management experience to advance Aurora’s mission.”

“In response to the health needs of the large female population in China, Aurora is on the right path. Aurora has unrivaled breast MRI technology supported by scientific research, and develops a patient centered, cost-efficient model for providing comprehensive breast healthcare services. I look forward to being a part of Aurora’s focused and professional team, to establish a standardized and replicable China model for breast cancer care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation.  Chengdu ABC aims to become a flagship model to lead and help others” said Dr. Li.

Finally, Ms. Cheng said that “Dr. Li Yong has been engaged in hospital management for decades, his macro vision with broad perspective along with detail-driven attention makes him an exceptional leader. Dr. Li has a proven record in team building and problem solving. His long-range acumen in orderly growing organizations, timely rendering of major decisions, and effectively implementing plans, were facilitated by his superior network resources in government, healthcare industry, and general societies. We are thankful and enthusiastic to trust Dr. Li’s leadership to establish Chengdu ABC as a leading institution in breast cancer care in Southwest China, the greater China, and even the world.”

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