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March 15, 2019

Olivia Ho-Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Healthcare US Corporation, will join the International Advisory Board of Hainan University of China

Olivia Ho Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Healthcare US Corporation is invited to be a member of Hainan University (HNU) International Advisory Board (IAB,) it was announced by President Qingming Luo recently. Ms. Ho Cheng will attend the inaugural meeting on March 30 and 31 on campus of Hainan University in Haikou, China.

Over the past 6 decades, HNU has educated a significant pool of talented people and many have accomplished outstanding achievements in a multitude of research areas. Meanwhile, HNU is also presently making significant contributions to the local society for economic, cultural as well as scientific developments. More recently, HNU is placing great emphasis in four areas, “tropic, marine, tourism, special economic zone”, focusing on the services for Hainan Province, extending the service nationally, and last but not least, outreach to Southeast Asia.


“I am deeply honored that I have been given the great honor to be a member of this prestigious Board. I look forward in my capacity as a leading US healthcare corporation with deep and wide collaborations with Chinese counterparts, will add value in the development of this fast-growing research-intensive university of Hainan Province in particular, China in general,” said Ms. Cheng.


Ms. Cheng continues to say that “From a distance, I have observed in recent months, Hainan University with exciting leaderships as well as Hainan Province are undergoing significant transformation, economically, intellectual and culturally. I also noticed that the Chinese Central Government has instituted numerous new and innovative policies to transform this southernmost province of China. With this as the underpinning, Hainan University as Hainan Province’s leading higher education institution will undoubtedly be pumping out talents of all dimension to drive the Province forward. It surely will play a major, if not pivotal role.”


Aurora, based in Danvers, Massachusetts, is the leading corporation committed to fight against breast cancer through advanced technology in imaging and data science. Since 2009, Aurora has successfully rolled out the dedicated breast MRI mobile service in the United States, and soon will be in China as well.

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