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Jan. 19, 2019

Signing Ceremony for the Inauguration of Aurora Breast Huan-Hua-Xiang Clinic(奧洛瑞浣花香门诊部) between United States’ Aurora Healthcare Corporation and China’s Sichuan Provincial People’s  Hospital Medical Group on January 19
in Chengdu, Sichuan Province 

On a rare bright and sunny morning of January 19, 2019 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, there were three significant signing ceremonies. These were watershed moments of a new era of healthcare delivery for humanity.


The first was between United States’ Aurora Healthcare Corporation (hitherto known as Aurora) and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital Medical Group (“SPPH”), who signed a collaboration Memorandum of Understanding. This signing also signals the inauguration of a comprehensive breast cancer diagnostic clinic wholly owned by Aurora known as Aurora Breast Huan-Hua-Xiang Clinic.


The second was the signing of a four-way agreement of collaboration agreement. The institutions involved were the previously mentioned Aurora Breast Huan-Hua-Xiang Clinic, Taiwan Taitung St. Mary’s Hospital, Shandong Liaocheng Aurora Breast Center and Chengdu New Century Women and Children’s Hospital. Such a four-way agreement to collaborate laid down for the first time a new foundation to build a truly people-centric comprehensive multi-disciplinary Breast Center which culminates US, Taiwan and the Mainland experiences under the same roof!


The third was the signing of a two-way agreement of collaboration agreement between Aurora and China Cancer Survivor Association (“CCSA”).  CCSA has been established since early 1990 with branches throughout China.  Thanks to the advancement in medicine and treatment, more people have successfully overcome cancer.  This increasing population (CCSA has more than 450,000 members of which 60% of the members are breast cancer survivors) have been assembled to help others, striking to maintain health and learning to live a healthier life. 


The three ceremonies were witnessed by nearly a hundred individuals representing many leading health delivery organizations in China and the United States, including chief in command, director Shen Ji (the head of Health Department in Sichuan Provincial government).


According to Ms. Olivia Ho Cheng, the CEO of Aurora, who was unquestionably the major propelling force in the past several years for these events to become reality, exclaimed excitingly after the completion of the ceremonies that “It must be underscored that the foundations for the pomp and circumstance of what everyone observed as three thrilling signing ceremonies on such a glorious morning took several years of arduous work by all parties and the result is truly profound.”


She went on to say that “Nearly two decades ago, I led Aurora to fight against breast cancer. As we all are well aware of, breast cancer is a universal menace for women’s health. It has neither national nor age boundary, and the only “cure” recognized by medical professionals is “early detection.” To this end, among all the available tools, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is obviously superior. Until recently, because of cost, MRI can only perform a “diagnostic” and not a “primary care breast health” role.”


“Of course, to provide comprehensive breast health care to the general public is known to be extraordinarily challenging, and to date the end is not yet in sight. I am very pleased to announce that there is now some light at the end of the tunnel. Combining MRI with the recent information technology represented with artificial intelligence has opened up a previously unthinkable paradigm shift, which if can be scaled up, could undoubtedly have a profound implication for humanity,” Olivia said with palpable exhilaration.


“When fully implemented, we anticipate that at least for the disease of breast cancer, it can and will significantly reduce the cost of MRI usage, and can transform it from being merely a diagnostic tool to be a screening tool, a step closer to precision medicine. In other words, we can move MRI from the category of diagnostic to “primary” health care. The MRI’s utilization will then not only be for those who can afford it, but for the population-at-large. With this as the vision, I am very pleased that it has become the common goal of all health professionals attending the events today. I envision that the dawn of a new era of breast cancer health prevention is now in sight,” concluded Olivia.

The signing ceremonies were between Ms. Olivia Ho Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora,  Dr. Deng Shao-Ping, President of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital Medical Group. Ms. Jennifer Liang-Chuan Chen, President of Taitung St Mary’s Hospital, Dr. David Wang , Vice President of Liaocheng Hospital Breast Cancer,  Mr. Han Xu, President of Chengdu New Century Women and Children Hospital and Professor Anli Shi, chairman of China Cancer Survivor Association, represent entities signing ceremony, respectively.


Aurora Healthcare US Corp. is a private company based in Danvers, Massachusetts committed to expanding the fight against breast cancer. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality and most cost-effective breast MRI solution in partnership with the international finest breast care centers. The Aurora® 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with 3-D bilateral breast imaging provides the ultimate in the detection, diagnosis and biopsy of breast cancer available to clinicians and their patients. The Aurora System is in clinical use at a growing number of leading breast care centers around the world.

Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital (SPPH)

Established since 1941, Sichuan Provincial Public Hospital which is located nearby the beautiful Huan-Hua River (浣花溪) in Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Province). This 4,000+ bed hospital with more than 10,000 care-givers serves as a major tertiary hospital and research center for the Western China. SPPH does over 3.6 million outpatients care and over 100,000 in-patient care a year with 72 specialties.


For more information, please visit its website: 

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