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Tsung-lung Yang, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Tsung-lung Yang is a prominent figure in the interface of medicine and information technology. He obtained his medical license in 1991 and has since dedicated over three decades to both medical practice and research, with a specific focus on the DICOM 3.0 standard.
During his early career, Yang pioneered the integration of radiology with IT, setting the benchmark for a filmless environment in medical centers. His innovative strategies during the SARS crisis played a pivotal role in curbing cross-infection risks.
Yang's groundbreaking work in medical cloud technology has reshaped the landscape for specialist doctors' remote reporting services. His efforts at the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, including the development of the Image Transmission Management System and the introduction of the FHIR standard in 2018, have garnered significant acclaim.
Beyond his professional achievements, Yang's commitment to innovation is evident through his numerous collaborations with esteemed scholars, leading to multiple awards and patents. Among the various accolades acknowledging his contributions, Yang's achievements have been recognized both domestically and internationally. His unwavering passion for advancing the medical field is evident in his continued contributions, making him an invaluable asset in our team.

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