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Jing-Wei Liu

CEO, SunDoctor Aurora Medical Technology Ltd.

Mr. Jingwei Lui has more than 20 years of information industry service
experience and has worked for IBM for 14 years. He managed the national
information management technology team of the IBM software department and
developed medical business. He has led the formulation and implementation of
the primary healthcare cloud strategy of IBM in China.

In the past six years, Mr. Liu has focused on the introduction of the PCMH (Patient
Centered Medical Home) medical service model, and has cooperated with a
number of medical institutions in the United States to carry out PCMH
localization in China.

During 2015-2018, Mr. Liu served as the director of the healthcare transformation
innovation center of CETC-SS (China Electronics Technology), led the pilot work
of Chengdu Wuhou District primary healthcare transformation, and applied
PCMH model to explore a new chronic disease management model suitable for

Mr. Liu is interested in the primary healthcare system and transformation in
China, the United States, and the United Kingdom. At present, Mr. Liu is the CEO
of SunDoctor Aurora Medical Technology Ltd., who is responsible for the
strategic formulation and implementation of Aurora's business in China. He is
committed to learning from the experience of international breast cancer, and
combining with the transformation of China's medical system to build a new
integrated service system of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Mr. Liu earned his B.S. degree in Computer Science from Beihang University,
Master's degree in information management from Renmin University.

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