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October 1, 2018

Aurora Mobile

Since 2010, Aurora has successfully rolled out the dedicated breast MRI mobile service in the US.  The US breast MRI mobile units are joint efforts between Aurora and US medical mobile makers such as OSHKOSH, Ellis & Watts and SMIT.  In 2018, we successfully completed our collaboration with European mobile maker Lamboo Medical Mobile in Netherlands to produce a more compacted mobile unit (40 feet vs. 48 feet US size) permissible for China's transportation guideline.


This state-of-the-art mobile MRI system is the combination of the breast-dedicated MR imaging technology from Aurora and the world-class trailer manufactured by Ellis & Watts, OSHKOSH, SMIT in the U.S. and Lamboo in the Netherlands.


Aurora MRI mobile system is designed with the complete functionalities of Aurora dedicated breast MR imaging and is provided to our customers with alternatives and flexibility in site construction and cost effectiveness considerations.

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