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Introduction of Transational Health Consultation

With the assistance of the Aurora Healthcare Intelligence (AHI) team, Dr. Steven Vernino and his multidisciplinary team from the Department of Neurology at Southwestern Medical Center in the United States conducted an online video conference for a patient from Shanghai. During the conference, they addressed various questions that had remained unresolved for three years and provided precise advice and guidance on diagnosis and treatment.

The patient was initially diagnosed with "neurological lesions" in 2021 and was further diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in early 2022. However, the symptoms continued to worsen, progressing from forward-leaning posture to side-to-side swaying, unclear speech, anxiety, urinary retention, and constipation. Recently, the patient had a urinary catheter installed, leading to a significant decline in quality of life. The patient and family sought international consultation, which was arranged through Aurora Healthcare Intelligence.

After analysis by the expert team, the patient's diagnosis was identified as "Parkinsonian variant of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)," which differs from traditional Parkinson's disease. This is a rare neurodegenerative disorder. The American team is prepared to provide the latest clinical trial opportunities for the patient.

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